What Are Same Day Dentures?

Have you thought long and hard about how you should go about replacing the natural teeth you have had to have pulled? If you have landed on dentures as your final choice, then you might be wondering how long the process is going to take and when you can expect to have your finished dentures.

If you do enough looking around in your local area or online, you will probably eventually find a dentist offering same day dentures. These are often also referred to as immediate dentures, and depending on where you get yours done, it is entirely possible to receive your dentures on the same day you have your teeth pulled.

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How Does it Work?

About a month before your scheduled tooth extraction, your dentist will measure the entirety of your jaw area and your teeth. This will act as a sort of mold that will become the final denture later on. Your dentures will then be made during the waiting period before your extraction is set to be done. This way, on the day of your tooth extraction, you will be able to have access to your dentures right away.

There are quite a few benefits to choosing same day dentures. For one, you won’t have to worry about not being able to eat whatever you’d like, You will also be able to show off your smile immediately, which is a huge bonus.

You also won’t have to make several different trips to the dentist’s office while you are letting your extractions heal. This is one of the main benefits. Normally, you would need to go back to the dentist later on to get measured for your dentures, but by getting immediate dentures, you don’t have to worry about taking multiple trips since you got everything done in one go.

If you like the sound of getting your dentures immediately after your extractions, then reach out to your dentures near me hawthorne professionals and inquire about same day denture services. If they provide these services, book an appointment and get your dentures on the same day as your extractions.