How Do Essential Oils Help In Mosquito Control

Plant remedies are the most effective and natural way of preventing insect bites, especially irritating mosquitoes. Also, plant derivatives are free of harmful chemicals, and they do not harm the environment either.

It has been observed that the strong scent emitted by a few plant oils act as a deterrent for mosquitoes. The scent of lavender, peppermint, and eucalyptus, when rubbed on your skin, repels mosquitos.

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The Benefits Of Essential Oils

Essential oils have multiple health benefits. They cure symptoms like cough and cold and provides stress relief. Essential oils work wonders with cramped muscles. They relieve muscle stress and loosen the muscles. Additionally, they are amazing insect repellants.

The strong scent of essentials camouflages your natural body scent and drives away mosquitoes. Rub a few drops of essential oil on your skin before you go out in the evening, and you will smell amazing as well as be safe from mosquito bites.

There are some natural smells that are so strong and distinct that mosquitos stay away from them as they can’t handle the strong scent.

·    Eucalyptus

·    Lavender

·    Lemongrass

·    Cinnamon

·    Peppermint

·    Rosemary

·    Neem

Safe Application Of Mosquito Repellants 

·    Don’t spray directly on your face. Spray on your hands and then rub your hands on the face.

·    Don’t spray in your clothes. They can cause discoloration.

·    Keep them away from eyes and mouth.

·    Don’t apply repellants to children.

Essential oils are a great way to handle mosquitos. But they are, after all, a temporary solution and will not benefit much in the long run. As a permanent solution, you should consider getting rid of weeds and shrubs and keeping your house free of stagnant water.