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What A Behavioral Therapist Does

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A behavioral therapist is a hard-working professional, just like any other. But perhaps it is also true that some behavioral therapists jacksonville shifts will be working a lot harder than others. Could this have something to do with recent but massive trauma and shocks being experienced in regard to COVID-19 and all its subsequent events? Could be. More than at any time in recent social history perhaps.

But go back a hundred or so years and knowing your history, you will soon discovery that this historic time in your country’s history is not unique. Depending on your age, you could well have surviving grandparents who perhaps still regale about those harrowing days. Or are they amongst the many who prefer to suffer in silence. Such is the irony of categorising people, good, decent, honest and hardworking people in particular.

So much so for a former president’s proclamation of the silent majority. Because to suffer in silence is not healthy at all. This is something that any hardworking behavioral therapist would tell you. Keeping negative emotions bottled up indefinitely only makes matters worse. And that is what a behavioral therapist does. She gets you to open up one way or another. She gets you to talk. She is a facilitator, not a manipulator, of emotions.

It is her job to make you well, to make you better, to help you heal. What happened in history? Well, as it is with the current pandemic, there was the Spanish Flu. And then there was the Great Depression. Do ask your surviving grandparents about these bang-up events. Or perhaps they already have? Indeed, sometimes talking about the past is part of the healing, rather than succumbing to what is known as post-traumatic stress disorder.